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Case Studies

At Smart Sellers We Means Results Just Follow 6 simple steps to gain optimum from our services


Understand Us:

Understanding each other is KEY per-requisite of every relation & business. So initially focus on understanding the concept of Marketing & Management guidance of Smart Sellers which we are proposing. You need to understand us 100%.


Accept Us:

The second step after understanding is of acceptance. You need to accept us 100% as your marketing & management guide without having even single percentage of doubt.


Believe Us:

The third important step which comes after understanding & acceptance is believe in principles of Smart Sellers, that too cent percent without having a 0.001% of doubt.


Pay Us:

When you finished above three steps the easiest step is to Pay Us 100% in advance. We believe that you will only make payment when you have understood, accepted & believed in the Smart Sellers. Beware of any free advice from non professional relatives/friends, which can surely ruin the business.


Follow Us:

Now you need to follow the steps 100% without having 1% doubt. The solutions are specially designed for your business & all the solutions are being time tested over 35 years before advising.


Enjoy the success:

Now it’s time to enjoy the success. It’s been quite some time you have not enjoyed your holidays, so go on for a family holiday and let the Smart Sellers‘successful system handle the show.


Entire Case study


    Ronald Appliances launched their domestic food processor in Maharashtra in 90s but failed from initial launch due to financial crises as well as wrong planning. Got associated with Smart Sellers.

    • Proper revamping activities were undertaken as a result.
    • Company could come out its bad debt within 6 months.
    • Company opened branches in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Pimpri, Kolhapur, Nasik & Sangli.
    • From mere turnover of 25 lacs company reached annual turnover of 2.5 cr within 3 years.
    • Company started CELEBRITY CIRCLE CLUB similar to Eureka Forbes’ Silver Circle Club.
    • Two Wheeler Scheme started for Sales Persons.
    • Number of promotions & up gradations were taken place.

    Ascent Healthcare, formerly known as Silverline Industries, wanted to launch Domestic Heating Pad for fomentation purpose against traditional hot water Bags.

    • A team of ‘Health Consultants” were introduced for door to door marketing.
    • Health concept of treating back ache at ease was introduced.
    • Variety of free trials with health consultations were provided from office to office.
    • As a result company has succeeded launching their products PAN India.
    • At present Flamingo is a leading orthopaedic treatment brand having more than 144 products in 44 countries.
    • Company’s current turnover is more than 25 cr.

    Citadel since inception were moving very slow even after completion of 7 years in business. Smart Sellers taken this challenge, by way of:

    • Team formation, from Citadel employees it became “Team citadel”.
    • Proper Organizational structure was formed, by dividing 3 different sales divisions.
    • Business Heads were given role of Profit Centre Head.
    • Three Area Managers were promoted
    • As per product line 3 divisions were formed, namely Interior, Exterior & Industrial Division was formed
    • In the same year company got 100% growth in the turnover
    • 3rd All India Sales Conference was hosted by Smart Sellers
    • As a result company reached to more than 200% growth in their business in subsequent years
    • Company has moved into their own office from rented premises.

    Hybrid bakery & confectionery store was passing through tough phase & decided to close the business, as a last resort they approached Smart Sellers to look out for a possible soln. the results are as follows: Within the few months after regular interaction.

    • staff attrition ratio dropped.
    • Shop started doing business from Rs.10K per day to Rs.20K per day, 100% growth in daily collection.
    • Out of shop marketing was focused, new chocolate mfg. Started.
    • Converted the concept of bakery shop to a brand new concept of “The Fresh Cake Lounge”.
    • The TFCL was introduced to young crowd to seat & cut the cake at the lounge
    • This has appealed to Franchisee Development business.
    • Hybrid opened their 1st Franchisee outlet at Kamothe

    1978 Established Prestolite Company was struggling for survival in Mumbai. Company turnover was quite low and manpower strength was quite negligible.

    • Within 6 months service, company could able to register under MSME Act.
    • Processed their papers for bank finance with confidence.
    • Having placed 2 sales executives and they are performing up to expectations.
    • Company’s business improved over last year’s sales.
    • Sales generated this year were from team sales & not individually from owner.
    • The product sales was mainly from all products and not from high end lighting solutions